Individual Singing Lessons

ABOUT ME: I am a singing teacher and vocal coach with over 30 years of experience, working with adults of all ages and abilities. I am constantly updating my teaching skills, at the moment I am in my 3rd year of an MA in Vocal Pedagogy at the Voice Study Centre. I offer individual singing lessons and special focus lessons on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

ABOUT YOU: You might like a lesson with me for:

· a vocal assessment or advice, or just a check-in on your technique
· help overcoming vocal difficulties
· coaching on a particular song being prepared for competition or performance
· help to improve or maintain your voice
· help in audition preparation
· creating an effective warm-up for your voice
· increasing awareness of a particular aspect of technique

Singers of ALL abilities welcome.

ABOUT LESSONS: Lessons are tailored to the needs of each singer, providing answers to your questions and direction to your vocal journey. Morning, afternoon or evening sessions are available.

Singing lessons are in-person (in West Lancashire), or on Zoom and can include work on posture, breathing and vocal technique – all based on current vocal thinking, in addition to songs. In-person lessons will be recorded on CD for you if you wish, or you may record on your own device. Zoom lessons may be recorded by the student.

Special focus lessons are another alternative. Book a one-hour special focus lesson on breathing or basic vocal technique. These lessons do not include working on performance of songs.

ABOUT BOOKING: Only book the lessons you want, and feel free to return when you want. There is no pressure to take regular lessons. Book by contacting Joyce via email at


I’d like to join a singing group but I don’t want to embarrass myself – vocal assessment in an individual singing lesson

I am confident with my singing but need to know more about how to breathe better – special focus lesson on breathing

I don’t think my voice is working as well as it used to – individual singing lesson or special focus lesson on vocal technique

I used to have singing lessons a long time ago but things don’t seem to work as they should – individual singing lesson

I have to audition to get into a choir – individual lesson for audition preparation